Institute of Forest Biodiversity Hyderabad
वन जैव विविधता संस्थान
Institute of Forest Biodiversity
Hyderabad, Telengana (India)

Internal Ongoing Projects

S. No. Title Of Project Project Investigator Co-PI Duration Total Budget (In lakh Rs.) File
1 Recovery programme for Syzygium alternifolium- an endangered species from Eastern Ghats Dr. S. Pattanaik, Sc-F - - -
2 Study on Socio Economic Sttaus of people in Nallamalais and Sheshachalam and North Coastal Eastern Ghats in relation with forest biodiversity Dr. Ratnaker Jauhari, IFS - - -
3 Identification of indigenous species of Trichogramma west wood (hymenoptera: Tricogrammatidae) and their assessment against major insect pests of teak in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Dr. Deepa M., Sc-D - - -