Institute of Forest Biodiversity Hyderabad
वन जैव विविधता संस्थान
Institute of Forest Biodiversity
Hyderabad, Telengana (India)

AICRP Ongoing

S. No. Title Of Project Project Investigator Co-PI Duration Total Budget (In lakh Rs.) File
1 AICRP-01 Testing and deployment of clones and seed sources of Casuarina for different planting environments and end-use applications Shri Pravin.H.Chawhaan, Scientist-G . 5 36.77
2 AICRP-4 Eucalyptus Improvement Dr.S.Pattanaik, Scientist-F . 5 24.38
3 AICRP-08 Conservation and Productivity Improvement of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus L.f.) Dr.S.Pattanaik, Scientist-F (NPC/PI) . 5 39.00
4 AICRP-13 Valuation of forests for GDP,Green GDP and payment of eco-system goods and services Shri M.B.Honnuri, Scientist-C . 4 10.00
5 AICRP-14 Forest Fire Research and knowledge Management Shri Arulrajan,IFS,DCF . 5 37.56
6 AICRP-15 Tamarind (Tamarindus Indica Linn.) Domestication, conservation and deployment of genetic resources for sustenance and livelihood amelioration Shri M.B.Honnuri, Scientist-C . 5 10.91
7 AICRP-16 Bioprospecting for industrial utilization of lesser known forest plants Shri Pankaj Singh, Scientist-C Dr. Abha rani, Scientist-F 5 34.69
8 AICRP-17 Enhancement of fodder availability and quality to reduce unsustainable grazing in the forest Smt R.Asha Kumari,CTO . 5 53.70
9 AICRP-20 Development of Biopesticide products/formulations from extracts of tree borne oil seeds and tissue of wild plants for management of insect pests Dr.Deepa, Scientist-D . 5 30.32
10 AICRP-22 Preparation of Forest Soil Health Cards under different forest vegetations in all the forest divisions of India Dr.G.R.S.Reddy, Scientist-G Mrs.Asha Kumari, CTO 3 145.28
11 AICRP-23 Genetic improvement and value addition of Madhuca longifolia Dr.G.R.S.Reddy, Scientist-G . 5 51.86
12 AICRP-26 Genetic improvement of Azhadirechta indica A.Juss. (Neem) Shri Pravin.H.Chawhaan, Scientist-G . 5 23.64
13 AICRP-29 Sustainable management of NTFPs through conservation and value addition Shri Pankaj Singh, Scientist-C Dr S.Pattanaik, Scientist-F 5 73.26
14 AICRP-30 Development of packages of practices on Gmelina arborea(Khamer or Gamhar) for different agro climatic zones of India Shri M.B.Honnuri, Scientist-C Dr G.Ravishankar Reddy, Scientist-G 5 30.90
15 AICRP-31 Study of climate driven effects on Indian forests through long term ecological monitoring Dr. Ratnaker Jauhari, IFS, CF . 5 212.73
16 CAMPA-02 National Program for Conservation and Development of Forest Genetic Resources Shri Pravin.H.Chawhaan,SC-G Dr.S.Pattanaik,SC-F Shri M.Ganesh, TA , Shri A.Kishore,TA, Shri Kiran, Technician 5 1682.40