Welcome to National Seminar  on "Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Management of Mangrove Forests in India" from 15th-17th June 2016, at Centre for Mangroves and Coastal Ecology (CMCE) Visakhapatnam-530 003, India.


Last date for submission of abstracts: 8th June 2016


Mangroves are the most productive ecosystems comprising of a diverse group of salt tolerant plant communities. They are highly specialized plants exhibiting a variety of adaptions in morphology, anatomy and physiology. Mangroves provide a wide range of ecological services and economic benefits to mankind. The most important ecological service being the stabilization and protectionof our coastlines from cyclones, tidal waves and erosion. Mangroves are the home to a variety of marine flora and fauna. They sustain vast fishery resources that provide livelihood to millions of fishermen in India. Also, they are an important source of fuel wood, timber, fodder and a variety of non-wood forest produce like medicines, honey, tannins etc ..... More...