Theme I:

1.   Resource survey and mapping of mangroves including fragmented systems and isolated patches


Use of modern tools of remote sensing and GIS


Theme II:

1.   Ecology and biology of mangroves



 Hydrological status, hydrographical regimes, geological changes, chemical cycles in mangroves

    Mangrove ecosystems of India species composition, structure and their function
    Reproductive biology and regeneration status of mangrove species
    Role of insects, fishes, avi-fauna and other wildlife in regeneration and conservation of mangroves.


Theme III:

Biotechnological tools for regeneration and conservation of mangroves




Theme IV: Restoration of mangrove forests
    Various initiatives and case studies from Forest Departments, NGOs, Universities, Research organizations and local communities.
Theme V: Anthropogenic effects including climate change on mangroves conservation, regeneration and restoration
Theme VI: Management of mangroves and policy issues.